Specialist Cleaning, Sanitising & Disinfection Products for Personal Care & Surfaces

Underpinned by years of experience in the fields of hygiene and disinfection, Assured Hygiene Ltd, a private British company, has developed a range of specialist cleaning and disinfection products utilising world leading technologies.

A number of our products are unique in their field and bring the highest levels of hygiene and microbial control for people and their environments.

Other products in our range are the first in their field to utilise 100% renewable materials.

Assured Hygiene achieves these groundbreaking results by using novel, safer technologies applicable for use in every industry sector and in everyday life.


Many of our products utilise leading edge innovations such as:

  • Nano technology
  • Polymer technology
  • Bio technology
  • Cationic molecular addition technology
  • Green, renewable technology
  • Stabilised Hypochlorous technology for advanced skincare

Our residual biocidal technology provides both hard and fabric surfaces with longer term residual protection against micro-organisims. 

All biocidal activity claims are fully supported by relevant efficacy data.


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