Hand Cleaning/Sanitising Products

A range of enhanced personal care products for safe skin cleaning and disinfection.

Outstanding cleaning and proven hand hygiene, skin hygiene and disinfection against a range of bacteria, fungi and viruses, including Ebola virus.

Includes Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitisers with Halal approval.  Products comply with EU Cosmetics Products Regulation (EC) No;1223/2009.

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Assured Hand Sanitising Gel

A blend of skin-friendly biocides which quickly eliminate unwanted bacteria and viruses on the skin.

Assured Anti-Viral Foam Hand Sanitiser

An alcohol free, odourless skin sanitiser designed for frequent use. Kills Ebola virus. Halal approved.

Assured Antibacterial Foam Hand Cleaner

A high quality, unperfumed, foam hand cleaner, ideal for use in healthcare and food preparation environments or anywhere where high standards of hand hygiene are important.

Assured Bactericidal Liquid Soap

A high quality bactericidal liquid soap. Designed for food preparation and production areas. Cleans and sanitizes hands in one operation.