Motor Products

Assured AutoCare range of specialist products for cleaning and renovating car bodywork and interiors, provide a deep clean without using aggressive chemicals, to take account of modern materials used in vehicle construction. Our unique ‘Lift-Off’ cleaning technology making cleaning easier, quicker and more thorough.

Car Wash & Wax Plus

Assured Car Wash & Wax Plus is a concentrated pH neutral shampoo & wax, suitable for all paint types and colours.

Available in1L and 5L containers.

Caravan Cleaner Plus

A clear colourless liquid for use on all types of caravans and all surface materials.

Available in1L and 5L containers.

Assured Aquapel

Aquapel cleans glass and imparts improved transparency and reduces the deposition of dirt by flashing off water from the glass surface.

Available in 750ml trigger spray

Assured Alloy Wheel Cleaner

For use on all types of light alloy and steel wheels.

Available as a 750ml trigger spray.

Truckwash Plus

A safer liquid vehicle shampoo and wax (Wash & Wax) concentrate using new chemical technology.

Available in 1l & 5l containers

Assured Eco-Clean

Safer but powerful quick break cleaner degreaser for cleaning engines, machinery, and hard surfaces with hydrocarbon soiling.

Available in 5L and 20L containers.

Assured Windscreen Cleaner

Assured Professional Alloy Wheel Cleaner

Available in 750ml trigger spray