Assured Caravan Cleaner Plus

A clear colourless liquid for use on all types of caravans and all surface materials. The safe chemical cleaner initially clings to the surfaces penetrating the soiling. Leaves a bright and high class finish.

  • Easy to use and highly effective against all soiling types
  • Unique and specialist product for cleaning caravans.
  • Concentrated formula
  • New safer cleaning technology. Safe on all caravan surfaces.
  • Cleans & brightens caravans.
  • New surfactant technology simply lifts dirt off
  • Will kill and remove both green and black algae simply by spraying and leaving.
  • Excellent general purpose cleaner and degreaser.
  • Effortlessly removes black algae, green algae, road traffic film and over winter soiling.
  • Fully biodegradable
  • An excellent cleaner for boat hulls, especially fibreglass.

Available in 1 litre & 5 litre containers.